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The Incredible, Versatile Toggle Clamp

Toggle clamps have been in use for decades. Providing basic workholding functions, and untold numbers of unique applications, for manufacturers across virtually every industry, including science and medicine. These clever clamps have seen some upgrades along the way as well. Increases in holding forces, different sizes and styles, additional accessories and features – all to keep pace with growing demands for configurable workholding.

One such advance is the addition of locking mechanisms to ensure clamps remain engaged during their holding / manufacturing processes. These processes put pressure – sometimes in all directions – on toggle clamps that must be held steady to ensure tight tolerances and integrity.

The principle behind a toggle clamp is to engage the mechanism in an over-center position to lock in the holding force. Once that orientation is achieved, the clamp is doing its job. As an extra measure of security, a secondary lever and mechanism prevent the main mechanism from being able to move. 

The same holds true for an open position. The additional locking mechanism is design to hold the clamp in the open position and cannot be closed without actuating the secondary lever. This makes it easy for part change over and takes some guesswork out for the operator.

"Toggle clamps continue to be versatile workholding devices with numerous uses including welding, woodworking and assembly fixtures”, says Mike Antos, Workholding Solutions Product Manager for Jergens Inc.  “True-Lok™ with the additional locking mechanism gives added security and peace of mind particularly for higher holding pressure applications that have become more common throughout industry”, Antos continued. 

Jergens engineered this additional mechanical lock for its widely used range of True-Lok™ toggle clamps. Four fundamental styles are available and include Vertical Handle, Horizontal Handle, Pull (Latch) Style and Push (Straight Line) Style. Altogether they cover pretty much every configuration possible, often times getting into tight places in order to accommodate part specifications and/or available machining space above the table and below the spindle.

True-Lok toggle clamps from Jergens are available in steel or stainless steel, with straight or flanged bases, a variety of component styles and accessories, and have holding forces of up to 7,700 pounds.

Contact us for more information on Jergens’ new toggle clamps with additional locking mechanism, or any of the complete line of toggle clamps.

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