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5 Axis Top Tooling

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  • Self-Centering Vises
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  • Compact Vises
  • Block Dovetail Vises
  • 130mm Dovetail Vises
  • Pallet Clamps
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  • Drop & Lock™ Pallet Changers

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Jergens Fixture Pro® 5-Axis Workholding
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Self-Centering Vises


Jergens 5-Axis Self-Centering Vises are suitable for many clamping tasks on 5-Axis machining centers and pallet systems. Whether the workpieces are angular or round, the concentric clamping system provides the same zero position.


The compact design, high stability and versatile selection of jaws (grip jaws, plain jaws, soft jaws, pendulum jaws, V-Type jaws) are additional features tailored for 5-Axis machining.


The 40, 60, 100 and 125 clamping systems are suitable for ID to OD clamping.


  • Designed for 5-Axis machining
  • Free access to the workpiece, allowing the use of short standard tools
  • Simple, robust construction, smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
  • Also suitable as a module for standard devices
  • Comprehensive jaw selection




Available in 40mm, 60mm, 100mm, and 125mm.


Fixed Jaw Vises


Designed especially for multi-face machining with a single clamping operation. Ideal for machining complicated workpieces in a single clamping operation, such as in mold making. These vises are small, but have a large holding capacity. A variety of jaw options increase the range of applications. Grip jaws and V-type jaws enhance the retention force of the workpiece. The hydraulic version provides automatic power clamping with exact force.


  • Designed for 5-Axis machining
  • Free access to the workpiece, allowing the use of short standard tools
  • Simple and robust construction, smooth surfaces, easy cleaning
  • Also suitable as a module for standard devices
  • Comprehensive jaw selection



Available in 40mm, 60mm, 60mm hydraulic.

Compact Vises


New machining technologies and manufacturing methods call for the development of new solutions in clamping technology. The Jergens 5-Axis Compact Vise, with its short base and easy movement of the fixed jaw, is ideal for 5-sided machining.


The well balanced design of the guide between the base and the moveable jaw allows the use of high clamping jaws, for performing machining operations close to the workpiece.


The base is made from cast steel for rigidity and dimensional stability. All sides are hardened and ground.


  • High degree of freedom for spindle and tools; low risk of collision
  • Well suited for short standard tools
  • Repeatable and controllable clamping forces of up to 25 kN Compact 80 and 40 kN Compact 120
  • Jaw with a special grip for maximum holding force (factor 3 as compared with standard jaw)



Available in 80mm, 120mm, standard and hydraulic.

Block Dovetail Vises


Jergens dovetail vise holds pre-machined parts and helps minimize waste because it requires very little material for clamping. With its low profile and dovetail –style clamp, it provides greater tool access and increased rigidity during aggressive 5-axis machining operations.


Block Dovetail Vises


Block Dovetail Vises

130mm Dovetail Vises


Mounts directly to a rotary table, Fixture Pro® Riser or any QLS Grid. Reduces distortion of parts. Requires 0.060" or less material to clamp.


Cutting a 10° angle cut in the bottom surface of a machinable part allows for extremely high clamping forces while leaving all 5 sides accessible. The heavy duty 130mm version has higher torque and tilting moments than the standard 130mm Fixture Pro® Dovetail Vise.


Dovetail cutter (part number SDC3) available..


Pallet Clamps


Jergens pallet clamps (comprised of clamping jaws with a grip structure) can be used either for concentric clamping or for clamping to the fixed jaw. These pallet clamps are an effective, affordable clamping solution.


  • 2 designs available: concentric clamping or clamping to a fixed jaw
  • Highest quality, compact, all-steel construction
  • Precise clamping
  • Easy to dismantle and clean


Pallet Clamps Fixed Drawing


Pallet Clamps Fixed Drawing

Quick Clamping Block (QCB)


The Jergens 5-Axis Quick Change System (QCB) is an ideal partner for the Jergens 5-Axis Clamping System. The QCB changes the workpiece position on 5-Axis machining centers. This helps reduce interference for the tool.


Rapid and precise change of clamping elements optimize efficiency. The QCB with its integral mechanical Zero-Point Clamping System provides you with the ability to increase productivity and lower costs.



Drop & Lock™ Pallet Changer


Jergens Workholding Solutions presents a truly modular approach to 5-Axis machining. The Drop & Lock™ Pallet Changer serves the same function as a fixture plate, although it doesn't have to be locked down with set screws. Instead, it is installed with pull studs dropping into the bottom of the fixture or vise to literally drop into the pallet changer. Available in Round or Square patterns. Drop it, Lock it, and Go!


  • Drop a fixture or vise into the Pallet Changer using the Fixture-Pro® pull stud system. With two quick turms of a hex wrench it's ready to machine.
  • Materials: A2 Steel
  • Hardness: Rc 58-62
  • Flatness Ground: 0.0002
  • Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.001
  • Finish: Black Oxide


Drop & Lock™ Pallet Changer Drawing