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What is 5-axis machining?

5 axis CNC machines are machines with 2 extra axis of movement above normal machines. 5 axis machines can move in 5 different planes:

  • X axis = Left and Right
  • Y axis = Back and forward
  • Z axis = Up and Down
  • A axis = Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation (horizontal plane)
  • B axis = Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation (vertical plane)

What are the benefits of 5-axis machining?

5 axis machining dramatically improves productivity by allowing you to complete your component in “one hit, one loading.” 5 Axis machining also allows you to reduce set up and changeover times and eliminate the errors caused by frequent setup and changeover.

Why should I consider using Jergens’ 5-axis vises?

Two words: superior quality. Unlike many competitive vises, Jergens 5-axis vises feature a solid steel machined vise body. With repeatability to 0.0002,” clamping forces from 1680 to 9000 lbs, and a sealed lead screw with slotted sides for chip and coolant flow through, these long life vises are ideal for all your 5 axis machining needs.

What are the benefits of Jergens’ Quick Clamping Block?

Designed specifically for use with Jergens 5-axis vises, this rapid change mounting block allows you to remove the vise without unclamping the workpiece. Thanks to its mechanical zero point clamping system, you can quickly change clamping devices with a high degree of precision. Finally, additional Z-height creates more free space for spindle and tools.