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Case Studies

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Automatic Screw Machine Products
ASMP's Ball Lock System
With the Ball Lock Mounting System, we have the confidence to run programs from one datum point, without even needing a dry run, because the fixture plate is positioned exactly as it was on
previous runs.
— ASMP Business Unit Manager, Billy Kritinar



Jergens 4" MonoQuad Vise with Round Base
Jergens 4" MonoQuad Vise with Round Base
We selected Jergens vises for
these parts and for other vertical
CNC milling operations because we can machine the entire jaw - something most other manufacturers do
not offer.
— Rimrock's Machine Shop Manager, Wes Dodge



OSI's Ball Lock Workholding System by Jergens
OSI's Ball Lock System
The application of the Ball Lock System are basically limitless -
you're completely free from the design limitations of common tooling.
We have increased utilization
rates 75% - 90%
— OSI Machine Shop Supervisor, John Zezulka